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Peanut Butter & Jellyfish, published December 2003. Available online: Infinity.com; buybooksontheweb.com; barnesandnoble.com; amazon.com.
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish

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Author Index

Charles H. Bertram
The Pine Tree 19
Jellyfish Bonanza 152
Audrey Cooke
Florida Poems 108
Two Elegies 180
Robert Crosson
Only Thieves and Beggars 52
Charmed 134
Vincent G. DeCampo
Judgment of the Pelican 22
Bunnell, 2150 98
The Glorious Face 145
Rollene Gannett
The Loop (IN MEMORIAM) 178
Herbert A. Gold
Dance Lessons 40
The Right Shoe 61
Crumbs for a Pigeon 128
Sheryl Pascal Gormley
Another New Year's Eve 1
See You Next Week 31
Y'all Come Back Now, Y'Hear? 82
John R. Herman
The Old Fiddle 9
A Soldier from World War I 42
A Year in Military School 90
The Marvels of Modern Plumbing 158
Dorothy Jessop
The Road to Baghdad 67
Barbara C. Kamholtz
Butterflies, Stars and Sandcastles 66
The Maven 89
Escape Route 116
Robert Kamholtz
My Favorite Restaurant 93
Kitty Maiden
Stella 142
Who's Left 161
Samantha McLaughlin
Pajama Game II 17
Heads You Win 28
Cleanliness 29
Paste Eaters Should Stick Together 59
Minutes I 75
Puppy Match 77
Please Don't Call Me at the Office 126
Too Old to Be Parents 175
Christine Raffini
The New Neighbor 164
Wind Seasons 27
Leaving Home 45
Garden-variety Rebellion 80
Lois Stiner
In the Old Days 112