For information about the Ormond Writers' League please call the Ormond Beach Library @ (386) 676-4191.

The library is located at 30 South Beach Street, Ormond Beach, Florida.

The OWLs meet from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month (and on the months that have five Thursdays on the 5th Thursday as well).

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Dave Archard

Born in Rochester, New York, Dave moved with his family to Ridgewood, New Jersey a month before Pearl Harbor was attacked. He attended Bergen County schools, graduating in 1954. In the mailroom of the American Broadcasting Company, he earned tuition for announcer training in New York. Enrolled at Broadcast Coaching Associates, he connected with a South Carolina station and began his career in 1956. Dave woke-up the west coast of Florida as the top-rated DJ on powerhouse WALT. He later became one of the Swinging Gentlemen at legendary WLCY, St. Petersburg. Settled in Daytona Beach in 1970, Dave was a talk show host on WNDB and handled several program series at WROD. He has worked for WDSC Channel 15 as outreach director, on-camera host and voice-over talent. His project, Through Slanted Windows, a Boy's Journey into Radio, chronicles his struggles to get on the air. The memoir was a finalist in the 2008 Royal Palm Literary Awards and excerpts have been published in Florida Writer Magazine and Seniors Today. Dave Archard is past president (2009) of Ormond Writers' League and a member of Florida Writers Association. His new book, a memoir, Through Slanted Windows, A Journey into Radio, is available on, and

Sheryl Pascal Gormley

Born in Washington, D.C., Sheryl lived most of her life there, or in its suburbs, with the exception of a few years in Whiteville, NC. The daughter of a writer and an artist, Sheryl has worked in oils, acrylics, and several other mediums, the most recent being watercolor. She is also an accomplished photographer. At the age of ten, she published a four-line verse in the Washington Times Herald for the payment of one dollar. Since then much of her writing has been non-fiction, directed to trade magazines. Four novels and two children's picture books are now in the works. A driving force is that her daddy would be so happy to see that one of his daughters has a passion for writing. Flower gardening, inspired by a trip to the butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls, Canada, is one of her hobbies. Throughout the warm months of the year, her back yard is filled with dozens of varieties of butterflies. Sheryl is animated and has a sense of humor, and as 2003-2004 president of the Ormond Writers' League ran successful meetings with a casual observance to Robert's Rules of Order.

Veronica (Ronnie) Helen Hart

Born in New York City and raised throughout the U.S., Veronica graduated from high school in Miami, Florida, and has since led an eclectic life. Her college/university education, specializing in Russian language, was scattered through four states and two countries. Now, once again living in Florida, this time with her spouse, Bob, she divides her time between writing and her other love, directing and set design at a local theater.

  • The Prince of Keegan Bay, a novel, available from Champagne
  • First Place winner for humor/fiction 2009 RPLA,
  • Elena, The Girl With the Piano.
  • Murder in Morocco: the musical - recipient of seven Outstanding Achievement Awards from the Theater Association of New York State
  • Script/manuscript editing
  • Directing and set design
  • Regional Director, Florida Writers Association
  • Member of EPIC (Electronic Industry Publishing Coalition)
  • President, Ormond Writers League 2009 - 2014
  • Member - Sisters in Crime
  • Web page

Writing about Historical, Humorous, Adventurous, and always Strong Women.

Robert Kamholtz

A native of Brooklyn, Robert graduated from a trade and technical school there. He began his engineering studies at The New York Institute of Arts and Sciences, completing his education after serving in the United States Air Force during the Korean War. As an engineer, he wrote technical specifications and operating instructions for specialized security electronic devices and systems and developed an interest in writing. In the 1980s, while living on Long Island, he attended local writers' groups and was inspired to go on to short stories and poems while beginning work on two novels. Many of his articles and essays were published in local newspapers. Robert retired in 1991; in 2000 he and Barbara, his bride of almost 50 years, moved to Ormond Beach to be near their children and grandchildren. He is a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and has written a comprehensive Firearms Training Manual for Public and Private Police Personnel, which he hopes will be used for training recruits at police academies. He is the current treasurer of the Ormond Writers' League. His hobbies are traveling, woodworking and teaching firearms' courses. He's still writing short stories and novels and hopes to finish a children's book this year.

Charles (Chip) Stoll

Charles Stoll was born in Farmingdale, Long Island in 1956. He received the N.C.T.E. National Award in Writing in high school and attended Syracuse University. His first book, Hanging in the Balance, was published in 1990. He moved to Ormond Beach, FL in 1996, where he currently resides. Charles worked in retail management until he retired in 2003 to write full time. He has served as president for the Ormond Writer’s League (O.W.L.’s). His novel, Enigma, discovering the moments that form your life, was published in 2014 (Price World Publishing). The Time Thief is his latest offering for readers who like to challenge their minds. Charles is currently working on a novel entitled Sorry and Morticum, set in Daytona in the year 3022. It is about a love affair between an aging wizard and a werewolf who wish to restore the world to its former glory. Charles Stoll welcomes any comments or questions from his readers and can be contacted at

James Weis

Jim grew up in a northwest suburb of Chicago. His first creative writing was as contributing editor for his high school senior class anthology of short stories and poems.

As a West Point cadet he contributed several short stories to The Pointer, the student magazine of the day. During a career in the service, he wrote mountains of technical stuff, for the U.S. Army and internationally on behalf of the United States.

After retiring, he wrote more technical stuff for Brookdale College as an adjunct professor of computer science.

Deciding to switch to fiction, Jim took two courses from the Institute of Children's Literature and began writing short stories. He currently is trying to sell a YA novel and is working on several other projects. In addition to OWL, Jim is a member of SCBWI and FWA.

In his spare time, Jim is a committee official for the Florida State Golf Association.